Felix reveals where he wants to go after Chelsea refuses to sign a new contract

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Atletico Madrid striker Joao Felix in the Spanish La Liga arena revealed clearly that. Which club he wants to move to the team After last season to trade on loan with Chelsea

  Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has revealed that Atletico Madrid forward Joao Felix wants to sign for Barcelona this summer. The Atleti surplus star hopes to stay with Chelsea after spending last season on loan at Stamford Bridge. But after having trouble making an impac.t The Premier League club also chose not to make a permanent deal with Atletico Madrid.

Felix reveals where he wants to go after Chelsea refuses to sign a new contract

          The Portugal international returned to pre-season training with Diego Simeone earlier this month. But he was disappointed when he spent time in separate training sessions with the first สมัคร ufabet team. Manchester United, Newcastle and Aston Villa have all been linked with Felix on loan this summer. But it looks like the 23-year-old is determined to move to Barcelona.

  Romano said in his YouTube segment: “Now it’s very important to say Joao Felix. In a direct conversation I had just a few minutes ago, he told me. Says: ‘I want to go to Barcelona’ ‘Joao Felix told me in a very clear spirit. He added that Barcelona was the biggest dream of his life since he was a child. And it was his first choice on the market.”

          “These are the words of Joao Felix. He added at the end of the conversation that if this happened it would be a dream come true. “We know that it will not be easy to negotiate with Atletico Madrid. So we’re not saying this deal will be easy. But Joao Felix’s status was very clear. The statement from the players was He wants to go to Barcelona. “A very clear message from Joao Felix and a very clear intention to join Barcelona.”

          Even if you want to go to Barcelona But it is reported that the club who are currently interested in him is PSG. With manager Luis Enrique keen on signing the 23-year-old from the Civitas. Metropolitano by wanting Felix It became his first signing as PSG manager. If he pulls Felix in It may help fill the void left by Lionel Messi by moving to join Inter Miami recently.