Great! Anche is the first manager to win the top five European leagues

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Carlo Ancelotti 62 is the first manager to win all five of Europe’s top leagues. Starting with Serie A English Premier League French Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. Desliga Germany and the latest Spanish La Liga after leading Real Madrid to win the championship successfully.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has become the first manager to win any of Europe’s top five leagues. After the latest, led the White King team to open the house to defeat Espanyol comfortably 4-0. Resulting in the lead of Sevilla in second place by 17 points while remaining 4 games to win the championship 35 years for sure. 

Italian trainer Started winning the league for himself in the Serie A battle in 2004 with AC Milan with 82 points from 34 games. Then left the Red Devils in 2009 to take charge of the British Isles. win the Premier League title In his first season with Chelsea and the first team in the elite league to exceed 100 goals since Tottenham Hotspur in the 1962-1963 season.

He was later laid off at Stamford Bridge at the end of his second season in office. Due to disappointing results and unemployment for about 6 month. Before taking over the Paris Saint-Germain army. Although he was unable to maintain the championship in 2011-2012. But in the following years he led the team to the Ligue 1 championship successfully. Before Madrid called to invite him to take over for the first time.

The UFABET team at that time, although unable to win the Bull League. But he led the team to the UEFA Champions League season 2013-2014, but that was not good enough. Was relieved from his position and moved to Bayern Munich in 2016 with the team stepping into the German Bundesliga title immediately, but it did not last long. I had to go out to control Napoli and Everton.

Before the latest came back to control Real Madrid as a second battle and successfully defended by leading the team to win the Spanish La Liga title, which is the fifth champion of the European big leagues. not only that He also had the chance to win four European titles after the team was still on track, with the first leg of the Champions League semi-final defeated 3-4 by Manchester City.