Legend warns Southgate must drop Maguire from England starting XI

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Lee Sharp has warned England manager Gareth Southgate to stop being stubborn, accept the truth and drop Harry Maguire from the starting XI permanently.

Lee Sharp , former Manchester United star, issued a warning to Gareth Southgate, the manager of the England national team, to stop being stubborn, accept reality and drop Harry Maguire from the first 11 permanently when it was clear that The player is only a substitute for Manchester United.

Legend warns Southgate must drop Maguire from England starting XI

Southgate has always been adamant that Maguire was his first choice. In the position of center back of the Roaring Lions army. When he clearly saw the quality of the players. Even though Maguire was released as a permanent reserve for Manchester United.

In the game that England beat Australia 1-0 on Friday. Southgate adjusted his team and sent several substitutes into the starting lineup. But it is believed that Maguire and the สมัคร ufabet main generals like Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, Kieran Trippier or Jordan Pickford will return to the starting lineup again. In the Euro 2024 qualifying game that will meet Italy on 17 Oct.

“It should be like that,” Sharp revealed about Maguire being dropped from the national team bench. “Southgate should have to choose his players carefully. Especially for people who don’t play regularly. When it will open the way for other players. That didn’t get played much. Knock on the door towards him Then he caused problems by saying he wanted to play.”

“We have very strong players now. And in every position in England, it is difficult for anyone to retain a place in Southgate’s team when not playing for the club. And we see a lot of talented players who are not in this team.”

“So, on both fronts, Southgate will one day have the problem of sticking with Harry Maguire when we have so many other talented players.”

“It was difficult for both of them. And it’s one of the reasons why I think a move to West Ham would be better for him.”