Martinez admits it was unfortunate that the Ghosts special season ended prematurely

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Lisandro Martinez, a strong defensive line I don’t think I have to sit and cheer on my Manchester United teammates. Despite showing good form continuously. But had to suffer a plantar injury until he lost the right to help the team for the remainder of this season

Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez has posted a message on Instagram of himself expressing. His disappointment at not being able to help the UFABET club in the final arc of the 2022 season. -2023 from the problem of the right foot plantar injury, saying that it is not what I thought Will have to leave the field. Despite showing good results for the Red Devils. But also optimistic that The obstacles he encountered would make him learn and grow stronger.

Martinez admits it was unfortunate that the Ghosts special season ended prematurely

A day earlier, United confirmed that the 25-year-old defensive line will be closed for the entire season. After a fractured metatarsal injury at the end of the Europa League quarter-final game. The first match at the Red Devils opens Old Trafford against Sevilla 2-2 on Thursday, April 13 and is expected. He will be able to come back and help the team again since the beginning of the new season. Where the Argentine national team’s defensive line recently posted an open message for the first time

“This is not what I imagined. A very special season will come to an end but sometimes we have to hit obstacles along the way and have to overcome them to make us stronger and learn from this . In the meantime, I will support all my teammates to achieve our goals. The amount of messages and support I’ve received has been amazing. They gave me strength and encouragement. From the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful for all of you.

The 2022 World Cup champion had just moved from Ajax Amsterdam last summer. But he did a very impressive job. Although at first it was seen that The small one will not be able to compete with the tall striker. But with a superior tactic of stealing the ball to survive Which has always been the main force of the team since the start of the season, including all 45 matches, scored 1 goal 

In addition, Raphael Varane, another important center back Injuries from the same game It is likely to miss the field for about 2-3 weeks.
Which is considered a difficult task for Eric Ten Hag , who is leading the team to win the top four. Including winning the FA Cup and Europa League , with the next game they will have to invade Nottingham Forest who need points to escape the relegation zone. In the highest league game, the land of the elite This Sunday