Social media tease after seeing the work of Stewart Millwall

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Many fans on social media were outraged. After witnessing Stewart’s performance at Millwall’s pitch during last night’s Championship game.

A clip of Stewart (in-field maintenance officer) performs during the game as supporters run down the pitch after Millwall’s Championship match against Peterborough. Last night (Saturday 30 April 2022) went viral on social media as Millwall won 3-0 thanks to goals from Benic Afobe, Jor. J Saville plus own goal from Josh Knight

          The result of the match gave the army little hope. The London Lions still have their place in the Championship play-offs, with Gary Rowett’s team eighth in the table , three points behind sixth-placed Sheffield United and behind midfield . lesbrough One point with one game remaining. Millwall will finish the season with a visit to Bournemouth next weekend. If they win and the outcome of the other matches is favorable, they may have a chance to compete for promotion to the Premier League via play-offs.

         Despite little hope their fans were so delighted. They ran onto the pitch after the final whistle. But at this event, the people get the most attention online are not fans. That ran together in the field. But it was a steward kept the orderliness out of the crowd who tried to stop the supporters. From the clip uploaded by @alex_lucas18 You can see their efforts that make the online world unable to smile. Because of course, doing this should not be prohibited.

         And some of the reactions on social media were hilariously mocking on Millwall’s stewardess. “What an incredible steward. Did all the best (applause emojis)”, “Form a line of defense across the field. It’s like the defense of Manchester United this season. Norwich City’s defensive line in the Premier League. For the youngsters who may not know. This is Liverpool’s defensive line in the 90’s” etc.

          Millwall’s manager praised the team’s performance after the UFABET game. “I think it’s a great effort,” Rowett told BBC Sport after the final home game of the season. “I think the only disappointment is that we had so many chances in the second half that we could score five or six goals today. It was another good second-half home performance.” “But to be in the position we were once again. And have a chance to win until the last game of the season, although there is little possibility I have to give this huge credit to the players.”