No matter how hot it is, you can deal with it with 6 ways to cool down the body that will give you results.

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When summer begins, everyone probably wants to stay in their room or office and turn on the air conditioner to keep it cool to beat the heat, right? But each person’s lifestyle is different. Staying in an air-conditioned room would definitely not be good. Therefore, we have brought you 6 ways to cool off the body. I have done it and seen the results. Let’s go see what methods there are.

No matter how hot it is, you can deal with it with 6 ways to cool down the body that will give you results.

6 ways to cool off the body

1. Water spray
You didn’t read that wrong. That’s right, water spray. That is, take a spray bottle filled with water and place it in the refrigerator. When you feel very hot It is then injected into the face, neck or into the folds of the joints, similar to injections with mineral water. This will help relieve the heat quite well.

2. Apply cooling gel.
Cooling gel or simply called Cool Pack can be purchased at similar convenience stores. with fever reducing patch Plus it’s not expensive. Which helps to solve the heat immediately.

3. Eat something cold
Of course, in hot weather like this, a bar of ice cream or what’s easier to find is shaved ice. It must make us cool immediately. both sweet and cold It cools down and also makes you feel good. Or make an appointment with a group of friends. Go for a walk and find some sweet bingsu. In big department stores, it’s not bad because you can get cool air conditioning. Let’s walk happily. You also get to eat dessert at the end, which is worth it.

4. Shower:
If you are at home or some offices have shower rooms for employees. When you encounter hot weather, it is recommended to take a shower. Because bathing will help carry the sweat and hot steam from the body to flow with the cool water. The more you have cold soap, Or cold shampoo will make your body even more refreshed.

5. Cooling powder can help you.
After taking a shower, cooling powder can help you stay cool. When you’re finished showering, wipe your body thoroughly. and apply cold powder I can guarantee that the air conditioner is just that. If you come across something like this, you can shake it. And plus, nowadays there are many brands of cooling powder. You can also choose your favorite scent.

6. Eat herbs and foods that have a cooling
effect . In summer like this, drinking herbal water can help a lot, including chrysanthemum, grass jelly, because all of these drinks have a cooling effect and help cool down from the inside. The recommended savory part is boiled chicken squash. Because squash is a vegetable that has a cooling effect, eating it as a side dish will help reduce heat in the body as well.

The methods we recommend Let’s try to do it. It will definitely help cool off the heat in the ยูฟ่าเบท body. Plus it’s a simple method. That is not difficult to do either.