What are AGEs in food? Are they dangerous? If you don’t want to age quickly, you must know!

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Girls, do you know that? Some foods that are eaten Contributes to rapid aging. By certain types of food when eaten. It will accelerate the aging process for girls. That’s because those foods are high in AGEs . For anyone who is wondering what AGEs are, today we will invite you to get to know them together.

What are AGEs in food? Are they dangerous? If you don't want to age quickly, you must know!

What are AGEs
? AGEs or Advanced Glycation End Products are dangerous substances that occur to the body. When protein or fat combines with blood sugar. AGEs will accumulate continuously. As we age naturally. 
As for AGEs, they are dangerous to the body. Because when the body receives a large amount of this type of substance This will result in an imbalance between the antioxidant system and antioxidants. thus causing inflammation and affects the body’s metabolism It also has the potential to cause various serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure, and premature aging. Especially in people with high blood sugar levels, such as those with diabetes, there is a high risk of the body creating too much AGEs, which can cause an accumulation in the body.

Foods that are high in AGEs:
In terms of foods that are high in AGEs, we recommend that women Avoid to prevent the acceleration of aging as follows.

  1. Various types of fried food
  2. Processed food that has been cooked at high temperatures for a long time
  3. Foods that are cooked at high temperatures for a long time
  4. Ready-to-eat food or Ready-to-eat Food
  5. Meats high in fat and protein that are cooked at high temperatures. Such as bacon, steak, and red meat
  6. French fries
  7. cream cheese
  8. Some types of cheese
  9. fried egg
  10. margarine
  11. butter
  12. Mayonnaise
  13. oil https://ufabet999.com
  14. hot dog
  15. Nuts

Foods that are low in AGEs.
For foods that are low in AGEs, eating them helps reduce the acceleration of aging. It also provides great benefits to the body as follows:

  1. Various types of vegetables
  2. various types of fruit
  3. Cereals
  4. legumes
  5. milk
  6. fish

Ladies, you can see that foods that are high in AGEs, when eaten, help accelerate aging. All of those foods are delicious and convenient to buy. So if girls Don’t want your body to face premature aging.