Watch the Dark Arts of Mina + Taffy fans hoping to save the team from relegation

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Everton players and supporters are ready to do whatever it takes to keep their teams from relegation this season. Especially Yerry Mina is ready to use the dark arts in this game to distract the Chelsea players from last night’s game.

Chelsea players and staff were sleep disturbed by Everton fans in the early hours of Sunday 1 May 2022. Ahead of the Blues’ defeat at Goodison Park. Mpard had to win this game to try to escape relegation for the first time in more than 70 years. They were fulfilled when a full three-point haul thanks to Richarlison’s goal early in the second half snatched the win. 1-0 two points behind safe-zone team Leeds are 17th. But have played one game less.

          Inside Goodison Park, there are cheers, fireworks and all kinds of support from fans. Everton’s that day, which started around 12 hours before kick-off. That is to harass Chelsea players. A clip uploaded online can be seen by Everton fans setting off fireworks outside the Chelsea team’s hotel at 2:00am. During which flares and eruptions lasted outside Chelsea’s Hilton hotel. About an hour and a half later, Thomas Tuchel’s midfielder Jorginho confirmed before the game the fireworks. Joking that they distracted them overnight.

          “Yes, a little loud. I woke up to the noise,” Jorginho told Sky Sports . “We knew it could happen. We knew it could happen and so just go back to sleep and get ready for today.’” Whether it had a huge impact on Chelsea’s pre-match bedtimes or not. But Chelsea really lost. When Everton players don their fighting spirit full of spirit and courage at Goodison Park.

          The game is filled with both memorable and unforgettable events. And one of those incidents was the confrontation between Mina and Havertz, in which the 27-year-old decided to take on the role of a tough young man and taunt the German in front of him. This made the Blues unhappy and responded by pushing the 6ft 5in defender until the Colombian national team star fell to the floor. Mina has only made 13 appearances for Everton throughout the season. by missing out on the field for several months due to injury

          It’s not just the atmosphere and support from every direction of the fans. The Toffees helped them win at Goodison Park, but there was one supporter who took his own personal approach to help the team win this crucial match in stoppage time. When the ball used in the game bounces into the stands of the home fans A fan quickly grabbed it and tucked the ball under his best shirt, with Chelsea back Reece James frantically chasing the ball in hopes of getting the team back into the game. fast Then the aforementioned football fan acted as if to send the ball back. But instead put the ball on the floor of his feet standing in the front of the stands. called a smile from the fans next to very well which the UFABET game resumed shortly after