Carragher disappointed as Reds gave up on Bellingham

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How can you give up! Former Liverpool footballer Jamie Carragher is frustrated with “Reds” deciding not to buy Jude Bellingham to join the army without giving up easily. Resulting in a bad image of the UFABET club in many ways

Team “Reds” Liverpool, the giant club of English Premier League football, under the control of German manager Jurgen Klopp. News that Aiming to grab Jude Bellingham. A talented midfielder of the Borussia Dortmund team. The famous football club in the German Bundesliga, has joined the army for several months.

Carragher disappointed as Reds gave up on Bellingham

From the news that comes out continuously, and Bellingham is still close to Trent Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool’s right-back makes many parties expect that. There shouldn’t be any problems with this deal. But a few days ago, news came out that Liverpool had canceled their intention. To grab the 19-year-old youngster to join the team. Because it takes too much money to finish this deal.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has revealed that This deal creates great confidence with the army. It makes every team in Europe envious of Liverpool getting such a great player. But that confidence was completely shattered. After news emerged that Liverpool would cancel a deal to bring Jude Bellingham in the coming summer.

“In the past It’s all focused on waiting for Bellingham to arrive and the fans are convinced. We’ll get a new Steven Gerrard in. And this deal, I myself have been following for the past 1 year.  And immediately gave way to Manchester City and Real Madrid, it looked like a coward who wouldn’t fight.

“Doing this gives a very bad image to Liverpool. It shows weakness. carelessness and very bad planning of the club really,” said Jamie Carragher.